Overview of mobile dust extractors Vacomat

Vacomat mobile dust extractor

The powerhouse amongst mobile dust extractors

Mobile dust extractors are ready-to-plug-in extraction units (negative pressure) for indoor installation for single- or multi-machine extraction with airflows of up to 8,000 m³/h. They can frequently be found in woodworking operations in which special safety requirements apply due to the risk of dust explosion. Our dust extractors are also suitable for extraction of other materials such as plastic, paper, non-metals or mixed materials. If use with other materials (except wood) is intended, we recommend a test be done in advance. We would be happy to provide assistance. Materials up to dust explosion class St1 are suitable. For best results in case of CFK, GFK and plaster dusts we offer special equipment for our Vacomats, such as pressure surge cleaning or HEPA H13 post-filtration.

The innovative mobile dust extractors in the Vacomat series were designed according to the new EU standard DIN EN 16770. To ensure healthy return air we exclusively use our high-quality filter material with dust class M.

Our mobile dust extractors are driven with modern high-efficiency motors (IE3) ‘made in Germany’ for high energy savings. The flow-optimised housing interior and short connection paths keep air resistance low and provide for additional energy savings.
Accessories (briquetting presses, chip containers)

Various extraction performance levels and features are available to optimise the dust extractors for your requirements. We offer six sizes to meet every need – from the space-saving single-point dust extractor to the powerful extraction centre for the complete machine outfit.