View of the workshop from the carpentries


Extraction systems and disposal solutions for the carpentries

Extraction systems in the carpentries must be planned compactly in the smallest possible space due to the often limited space available. Dust and chip waste are extracted and separated from the air stream. Particularly for indoor installation, the return of the filtered air must be ensured. Depending on the chip volume and local space conditions, small, inexpensive extraction units as well as mobile and stationary dust extractors for indoor installation and filter systems for outdoor installation can be used.

Solid wood, board materials such as OSB boards, chipboard, coated and uncoated boards, composite boards, etc.

Sawing, grinding, drilling, punching, cutting, turning, milling, varnishing

Machines to be extracted:
Machining centres, wide belt sanding machines, panel saws, edge banding machines, format circular saws, automatic drilling machines, standard machines such as thickness planers, 4-sided planers, etc.