Schuko Unternehmensprojekte


Diese Weiterbildung soll die Führungskräfte der Schuko GmbH qualifizieren, ein zukunftsorientiertes Führungsverständnis herzuleiten und umzusetzen.

Einführung Lean Management

Um unsere Geschäftsprozesse und vor allem unsere Auftragsprozesse weiter zu digitalisieren, führen wir das "Lean Management" ein.
Schuko Bad Laer betrifft das in den Bereichen "Lean Produktion" und "Lean Administration". Dieses Projekt wird mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.

Weiterbildung Lean Production

Der Standort Schuko Trebbin erhält eine Weiterbildung zum Thema "Lean Production". Diese Maßnahme wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds und des Landes Brandenburg gefördert. Der Europäische Sozialfonds (ESF) ist Europas wichtigstes Instrument zur Förderung der Beschäftigung. Er fördert die Chancengleichheit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, unterstützt die Menschen beim Zugang zu besseren Arbeitsplätzen und bei der beruflichen Bildung und Qualifizierung.
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Energy efficiency and subsidies for extraction systems and filter technology

Energy efficiency & conveying equipment for extraction and filtration systems

for sustainable cost reduction in your company

The pneumatic conveyance of chips is very energy intensive and usually represents one of the largest items in the energy consumption in processing plants. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider energy-saving plant concepts, both in existing and new plants. In this case, it is important to plan and configure the hardware-based basic requirements for each customer. The intelligent controller must then be able to map this individual planning in terms of control engineering.

What comes next?

Measuring, controlling, regulating, primarily with regard to energy efficiency - with the same extraction quality. Measuring via system-integrated extraction elements; Controlling via intelligent software, which permanently takes into account all relevant operating parameters; Rules regarding high-quality system components that respond quickly and accurately to the control signals.

Conclusion: Software and hardware in sync result in the best energy saving system – The result will show you the optionally available ECO–Feedback of our controller upon request.

Schuko solutions for low energy consumption of your extraction and filtration system:


System control:

  • SPS: customised, needs-based, performance-oriented
  • Energy-saving gate valves: Unused extraction lines are closed in order to adjust the extraction power to the respective requirements.
  • Minimum running times: The current consumption for the start of the extraction from 0 to 100% is very high! Minimum run times reduce turn-on frequencies to prevent current spikes.
  • The targeted use of frequency converters regulates the power requirement of the extraction system based on the consumers switched on. Differential pressure transmitters are used to determine and optimise the power requirement of the extraction system.
  • Cascade connection of the fans for performance-based fan starts


  • Highly efficient fan impellers from our own production
  • Motors of the current energy efficiency class
  • Schuko fans are eligible due to their energy efficiency!

Points for system planning:

  • Note simultaneity factor
  • Optimise pipeline routes
  • Control exhaust air/return air duct
  • Integrate supply air systems and heat exchanger
  • low filter resistance due to material-based selection of the right filter medium
  • Note the filter surface load
  • Trigger filter regeneration in time
  • Targeted use of pre-separators to reduce line resistances, e.g. Schuko VacoFlow


Extraction and filtration systems are among the largest consumers of electricity in a company. On average, 43 percent of the total energy requirement of a production is consumed by the extraction and filtration system.

With intelligent control and automated processes, these energy consumption can be significantly reduced! In order to address this issue more intensively, Schuko spun off its long-standing control engineering in 2014 and founded a new subsidiary: LS Automation GmbH & Co. KG. The result of this collaboration are intelligent control concepts and automation solutions for extraction and filtration equipment.

Schukos fans are eligible! This concerns Schuko fans of the VacoVent series that have been tested for their energy efficiency. Appropriate proof is available and makes a large part of the fan units and a possible frequency regulation eligible. In the case of a new acquisition, up to 30 percent of the individual costs or, depending on the configuration, the total plant costs could be funded by means of subsidies.

Current funding program since 04.01.2019

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has already provided high subsidy amounts for our customers in recent years in order to invest in highly efficient cross-sectional technologies. This funding program has been replaced since 04.01.2019. Since then, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) have jointly provided funding for energy efficiency in the economy. The new program supports the funding of energy efficiency and process heat from renewable energies in the economy.

Extraction systems with highly efficient cross-sectional technologies continue to be eligible for all company sizes!

Do you have further questions regarding energy efficiency or the funding program?

Then contact us. We would be happy to advise you in detail about our energy-saving technology. We are also available for questions regarding the support programs as best as we can and if necessary to establish contact with a recognised energy consultant.