A look at wood processing in the furniture industry

Wood & furniture industry

Extraction systems and disposal solutions for the wood industry

Extraction systems for the wood industry are an optimal disposal solution and a decisive factor in the production process. The resulting amounts of dust and chips not only pollute the workplaces, they can even clog the machines and shut them down. In addition, wood dust is not only highly hazardous to health, but also highly flammable, highly explosive and therefore life-threatening! Schuko solutions ensure cleanliness and safety at the workplace and for the environment.

Solid wood, panel materials, composite panels

sawing, grinding, drilling, punching, cutting, turning, milling, mixing, filling, painting, packaging

Machines to be extracted:
Production cells, automatic drilling machines, machining centres, wide belt sanding machines, panel saws, edge banding machines, format circular saws, standard machines such as thickness planers, 4-side planers, etc.