1968 - 2018 We celebrate 50 years Schuko!

For 50 years, the topic of clean air has been of great important to us and we are not getting tired!

Innovations up - emissions down

Because your future is important to us, we are doing everything we can, for a clean and healthy environment.

Highly efficient extraction and filter technology

The constant development of innovative and high-performance solutions makes Schuko one of the leading manufacturers of extraction and filter technology.

The most economical

New mobile dust extractor Vacomat 350 XP TWIN sets new standards in performance and energy efficiency.

Schuko extraction systems and filtration equipment

For clean air in your production environment

Innovative extraction and filtration systems from Schuko have been keeping the air clean in production and in the workplace in small-scale and industrial operations in the wood, plastics, paper and metal industries for 50 years now.


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Schuko – your solution finder

Special requirements pertaining to extraction and filtration systems have emerged over the last few years. Laws, rules and regulations are becoming ever stricter, making extensive background knowledge necessary and creating an enormous need for advice. Besides concentrating on our core business of extraction and filtration equipment, we have

hence also taken up topics such as energy efficiency and public funding, fire and explosion protection, and noise control and automation to be able to offer complete system solutions and provide advice and support to our customers in light of growing operator obligations, including those related to the building authority approval process.

Latest news from the company

Lesdrevmash 22.-25. October 2018

Visit us in Moscow!

Machines, equipment and technologies for the wood and furniture industry can be found on 22.-25.10.2018 at the Lesdrevmash trade fair in Moscow, Russia. Schuko is placed on the joint stand of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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BifeSim 12.-16.09.2018

Visit us in hall B1, stand no. 107

And who can not be in Poland, he may make it to Romania! Here, too, is a Schuko subsidiary present with a powerful booth extraction, live through a Vacomat 350 XP TWIN.

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Drema 11.-14.09.2018

Visit us in hall 5, stand no. 4!

Our Polish subsidiary is participating in the Drema fair in Poznań this year again. Today is the first day of the fair and our exhibition team is looking forward to exciting discussions in the next four days.

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Wow - What a celebration!

The joy is still in our hearts and everyone can recognize our smile: Schuko 5.0 was a wonderful party! The weeks, no, months of preparations, the sweat on our forehead from the big cleaning - everything was worth it!

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Schuko in a new outfit at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018

Last Saturday was the last day of HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 (European Trade Fair for Machine Technology, Equipment and Supplies for the Wood Crafts) in Nuremberg, Germany.

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1968 to 2018: Celebrating 50 years of Schuko!

Public awareness of air quality and pollution control has never been higher than it is today. Particulate matter levels in cities and air quality in buildings ...

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Ligna 2017 a complete success

As a result of the restructuring of VDMA and Deutsche Messe AG in terms of the hall allocation for Ligna 2017 we ended up in hall 12 this year.

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Opening ceremony for Schuko International

It’s official: Schuko International has settled into its headquarters at Trebbin (near Berlin) in Germany and celebrated its opening last Thursday.

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