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Diese Weiterbildung soll die Führungskräfte der Schuko GmbH qualifizieren, ein zukunftsorientiertes Führungsverständnis herzuleiten und umzusetzen.

Einführung Lean Management

Um unsere Geschäftsprozesse und vor allem unsere Auftragsprozesse weiter zu digitalisieren, führen wir das "Lean Management" ein.
Schuko Bad Laer betrifft das in den Bereichen "Lean Produktion" und "Lean Administration". Dieses Projekt wird mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.

Weiterbildung Lean Production

Der Standort Schuko Trebbin erhält eine Weiterbildung zum Thema "Lean Production". Diese Maßnahme wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds und des Landes Brandenburg gefördert. Der Europäische Sozialfonds (ESF) ist Europas wichtigstes Instrument zur Förderung der Beschäftigung. Er fördert die Chancengleichheit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, unterstützt die Menschen beim Zugang zu besseren Arbeitsplätzen und bei der beruflichen Bildung und Qualifizierung.
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Mobile paint mist extraction unit MiniMax

Compact and low-cost paint mist extraction

  • Small, inexpensive extraction unit for small-scale spraying or pickling operations
  • Equipped with casters for flexible use at any location
  • Energy-saving operation
  • High separation efficiency due to two-stage filtration
  • Stable, self-supporting construction on a solid, tip-proof mobile base frame

on this product?


The MiniMax mobile paint mist extraction unit is an extremely compact, low-cost solution for occasional spraying, pickling or flash-off. Paint mist is reliably captured over the entire filter surface area. The extraction unit’s high separation efficiency is obtained with two-stage filtration including a fine dust filter mat in accordance ISO ePM10 50%.

The robust construction is self-supporting and stands stably on a solid mobile base frame. The airflow can be guided more efficiently with additional baffle plates. The exhaust line leading to outside the building can be laid permanently to the unit connection or can remain on the unit for flexible exhaust conveyance.

The exhaust air fan with energy-saving drive is equipped with a high-quality radial impeller made in-house.

The (explosion-proof) drive motor and the mount are positioned outside the exhaust airstream to avoid excessive contamination.

The MiniMax complies with legal requirements as well as the requirements of trade associations and regulatory bodies. With the supplied power cable with a lengh of 7.0 m the unit can be safely connected to any CEE standard Euro socket outside hazardous areas.

Thanks to this solution, there are no more cost- or space-related reasons for doing without a paint mist extraction system. This unit embodies all the advantages of a stationary paint mist extraction system without being tied down to one place.

Other advantages

  • Low-priced, but full-featured paint mist extraction unit
  • Comes on casters for flexible mobile use
  • Effective extraction performance and high separation efficiency
  • For healthy workers, clean workplaces and a lower environmental impact
  • Space-saving design with stable, self-supporting construction
  • Solid, tip-proof chassis
  • Energy-saving operation
  • High level of safety ensured through compliance with requirements

Installation & items delivered

The MiniMax is supplied as a preassembled, ready-to-plug-in unit. A power cable of length 7.0 m and a motor protection plug (placed outside the ATEX zone) are included.

After connecting an exhaust line for venting to the outside and ensuring adequate fresh air make-up, you can start using this mobile paint mist extraction unit!

Technical data

Typ Art. no. Exhaust airflow Measurements L x W x H Motor Weight Air baffles
MiniMax F-300 517 600 3,500 m³/h, 750 Pa 1,250 x 820 x 1,460 mm 1.5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz 140 kg optional


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