Noise protection measures for extraction systems and filtration equipment

Noise protection measures for extraction systems and filtration equipment

because noise is no longer necessary

Noise is unhealthy, it not only damages the hearing, but also the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system. The entire organism is affected. Sleep disorders, lack of concentration, migraines, even heart attacks can be the result - avoidable damage to employees and operations!

In order to effectively counteract the hazards associated with noise, the employer is required by the Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act and the Noise and Vibration Regulation to carry out a risk assessment and to expertly determine and evaluate the noise exposures at the workplace. And of course an active noise protection is necessary. This includes measures with regard to emissions from noise sources, for example, machinery and industrial plants.

Schuko takes noise emission issue very seriously. The sometimes immense amounts of air that are needed for extracting dust and chip material over long distances cause a significant background noise. Especially in the vicinity of residential areas, but also for the daily work routine, this noise can be disturbing. Schuko has developed innovative solutions for noise reduction and noise suppression for extraction and filtration systems. "The requirements for sound insulation are a central issue in plant design today. In coordination with the customer or the noise protection expert, we jointly develop a concept for compliance with customer-specific requirements, "says Schuko Sales Manager, Mr. Jörg Erichlandwehr.

Noise sources of extraction and filtration systems:

1 Loud noises in pipelines:

- clean gas operation, through

  • Air noise
  • Transmission noise

- crude gas side operation, through

  • Air noise
  • Dust transport: Crackle noise
  • Chip transport: Crackle noise

2 Fans

  • Motor noise
  • Vacuum generation
  • Chip transport

3 Filter regeneration

  • Vibration
  • Online - Cleaning

4 Discharge

  • mechanical components, e.g. Briquetting press
  • Chip transport

Noise protection measures of the Schuko extraction and filtration equipment Validus

We are building up the measures for optimal noise protection in two steps:

Step 1: Noise prevention

  • stable and low-vibration basic construction of the Validus
  • Selection of low-noise, quiet fans
  • Vibration damper
  • Avoidance of transport of coarse chips and wood chips by the fans
  • Chip deflection lines with larger radii and transitions
  • Material buffer in the filter unit
  • cyclic material discharge
  • intelligent control with day/night operation


Step 2: Noise reduction in three steps

1 Noise insulating step

  • Lining of the clean room with insulation material and specially developed, sound-absorbing perforated sheet
  • Insulating capsule for the transport fan below the filter unit
  • Targeted use of silencers
  • Insulation of the relevant pipe components

2 Noise insulating step

  • Outer lining of the filter unit including built-in transport fan
  • Outer lining of the substructure to the sound averted side

3 Noise insulating step

  • Targeted additional insulation measures after submission of an intermediate measurement of the noise immission values

Do you have questions regarding the noise protection options of your extraction equipment?

Then contact us. We would be happy to discuss requirement and an optimal noise protection solution for your extraction equipment.