Extraction and disposal solutions for paper processing

Paper and printing industry

Extraction and disposal solutions for paper processing

Suction and filter systems are used in printing plants and in the paper industry for the pneumatic conveyance and disposal of paper dust and waste, such as is produced during edge trimming. Coarse chips are separated in advance by material separators/separators for container presses, while fine chips and dust are separated from the air stream inside the filter and transported on for disposal. The discharge can take place e.g. in containers, paper presses and briquetting presses.

Paper and printing machines and how we suck them off

Folding machine
The folding machine is a machine used in industrial bookbinding. It is used for economically efficient folding of finished products, such as booklets, folders and maps, as well as unfinished printed sheets, which are finished after folding by other machines, in large runs. Here we suck off the abrasion that occurs during folding.

Stack cutter
The stack cutter is a machine where the printed paper is fed in stacks. The paper is automatically compressed and the edge is cut by a knife. The cut paper strips can be sucked off.

Three-knife trimmer
In the three-knife trimmer, the magazines / books are trimmed from three sides (head, foot and front trim) so that the individual folding sheets are open and the book / magazine can be opened later. The resulting edge strips can be vacuumed.

Cutting saw
The cut-off saw is a machine that cuts the laminated paper by sawing. Here we suck off the paper dust.

Perfect binder
An adhesive binder is a processing machine from the field of industrial bookbinding. Perfect binders are continuously working machines for gluing the pages. Here, the protruding edge is milled and the paper milling dust is extracted.

Saddle stitcher
The saddle stitcher is a machine that is used in the finishing of bookbinding. With this machine, the individual folded sheets delivered by rotary and offset printing or by a folding machine are further processed and produced as an end product (booklets, brochures and magazines). The final processing of the printed matter includes the collection of the folded sheets. In the second step, one or more staples are stapled through the spine of the book and then the finished product is cut. Here we suck off the paper sections.

Rotor cutter
The rotor cutter has a round blade, which cuts the edge strips in a continuous printing process. The continuous paper strips are cut to length in a tube hogger. The cut paper strips can be sucked off.