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Um unsere Geschäftsprozesse und vor allem unsere Auftragsprozesse weiter zu digitalisieren, führen wir das "Lean Management" ein.
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Weiterbildung Lean Production

Der Standort Schuko Trebbin erhält eine Weiterbildung zum Thema "Lean Production". Diese Maßnahme wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds und des Landes Brandenburg gefördert. Der Europäische Sozialfonds (ESF) ist Europas wichtigstes Instrument zur Förderung der Beschäftigung. Er fördert die Chancengleichheit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, unterstützt die Menschen beim Zugang zu besseren Arbeitsplätzen und bei der beruflichen Bildung und Qualifizierung.
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Industrial Filtration Technology Validus

The powerful solution from the Teutoburg Forest

  • individual, needs-based planning
  • system design in the modular principle
  • high operational reliability through tested quality components
  • low operating costs thanks to pioneering technology
  • fire and explosion tested for your safety

on this product?


Versatile and flexible for future-proof extraction operation

Today, the focus of industrial filtration systems is on quiet and energy-saving plant operation. The demand for sound insulation systems to reduce noise emissions and for heat conservation measures to optimize the energy balance is increasing.
An intelligent control technology, combined with high-quality hardware, also achieves a significant reduction in operating costs and offers the highest level of functional reliability.

Demand-oriented plant planning is a prerequisite for investing in optimal extraction performance with minimal operating costs. For example, the product-related selection of filter materials as well as their optimally measured filter surface load leads to longer service lives.

For your operational safety, we aim in the long term for the efficient collection and filtration of the extracted air volume, which has a positive effect on the health of your employees and the environment.

Below we have described in detail the structure of our Validus filter technology. Discover all special features summarized under the item "Other advantages" and download our product brochure as a PDF file under "Downloads".

Do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions.

Im Folgenden haben wir Ihnen sehr detailliert den Aufbau unserer Validus Filtertechnik beschrieben. Entdecken Sie alle Besonderheiten zusammengefasst unter dem Punkt "Weitere Pluspunkte" und laden Sie sich gerne unsere Produktbroschüre unter "Downloads" als PDF-Datei herunter.

Bei auftretenden Fragen zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

Filter design

fan room
The fan generates the planned air flow for the extraction and is the heart of the filtration system. They are used either on the clean air side or on the raw air side for pneumatic chip conveyance. By installing it on the clean air side in the fan room, we protect it against weather-related influences. This increases their operational safety and at the same time extends the service life. In addition, the fan room can be equipped with measures against noise emission and heat losses. The low energy requirement is thanks to modern high-efficiency motors. For maximum efficiency Schuko fans are manufactured individually for each system.

In the system design of a vacuum filtration system, the cleanroom serves as a connection between the filter and fan room. For a filtration system operated in excess pressure, it forms the upper end of the entire system. In both cases, the clean air space absorbs the purified air volume and forwards it in a targeted manner to the fans or the connected return air/exhaust air duct. Additional components of the filter cleaning find their place here. Large maintenance doors allow easy access during maintenance.

Filter bag space
In the filter tube space, the tubular filters are suspended vertically on a so-called honeycomb sheet. The dust-laden air stream rises from the expansion space in the filter tube chamber and is filtered out by means of the filter tubs. The dust particles stick to the filters and are separated again by the filter cleaning.

Expansion space
The air-chip-dust mixture enters the filtration system via the connected suction pipe. Due to its large volume, this room serves as the first coarse separator. The air flow is calmed down so that heavy particles sink directly downwards. Lighter dust particles rise with the air flow in the filter tube space.

The filter substructure
The filter substructure can be considered as the collecting device for the separated and filtered-out dust and chip particles. Thanks to several variations a variety of chip discharge variants can be realised. From the intermediate storage of the material in collecting containers for manual emptying to the fully automatic material discharge with stirrer, screw and rotary valve individual tasks in the standard are possible. With a high-quality chain or moving floor discharge even very large quantities of chips can be stored and handed over to downstream disposal systems.

Modular system

Validus filtration systems grow with your requirements

Local conditions require flexibility and tailor-made solutions. The Schuko modular system is characterized by its enormous versatility: From single filters to series filters, all combination options are available as standard.

The amount of air and material to be extracted and their type determine the required size of the filtration system and its filter surface. Using Solo filter element or a combination of drive, intermediate, combi and end element, Validus filtration systems can be assembled systematically.

Air capacities from 8,000 m³/h to over 300,000 m³/h can be installed as standard.

Our fully automatic sheet metal processing guarantees a consistently high quality and perfect fit for all system parts. This results in significant reduction in vibration and unnecessary running noise .

Validus filtration systems have a modular structure and can therefore be adapted and expanded at any time to meet your needs - they grow with your tasks. Our production is also well prepared for special solutions and special applications.

Solo element
Our Validus-Solo filter consists of single element. Solo elements can be equipped with a variety of chip removal and disposal options.

Drive element
A drive element is always necessary if at least two filter elements are needed. The drive for the necessary chain discharge as well as the rotary feeder required for discharge are installed on element.

Intermediate element(s)
An intermediate element is selected if at least three filter elements are required. It is installed between the drive and end element. For larger filtration systems, several intermediate elements are used in a row, as well as in combination with the combination element.

Combined element
Combined element The combination element has an additional blow-in section for connecting the suction pipes to the filter housing. It is used in row filters of uniform distribution of extracted air-chip-dust mixture in the filter housing and reduces the contamination of the filter tubes. A combination element can also be used as an end element (see photo).

End element
The end element is also required if at least two filter elements are installed. In it, for example, the pulley for the chain discharge is mounted.

Chip discharge and disposal

The amount of extracted material and the further processing or transport determine the solution for chip discharge and disposal. Validus filtration systems offer a variety of options with considerable energy savings. Solo elements work with different substructure types.

With two or more elements, a chain discharge or a sliding floor is always used. Here, the material that settles to the bottom of the filtration system is conveyed and discharged up to an ATEX rotary valve.

Disposal in chip collection bags via bagging device with three chip collection barrels and inserted chip collection bags

Disposal in BigBag(s) via inclined tube or cross auger conveying

Disposal in a Sulo or standard container

  • via rotary valve with inclined tube/or cross auger conveying
  • with underframe via rotary valve and chute

Disposal in a large chip container via downstream transport fan, which blows the discharged material into the container. Here there is a slight excess pressure. This is relieved using a loop back to the transport fan.

Disposal with briquetting press via chip collector with stirrer and auger conveyor

Disposal in a chip silo via a downstream transport fan, which conveys the material to the silo. The silo feed must be depressurised in accordance with regulations. Therefore, another small filter becomes necessary, e.g. our Vacomat N-1000 or a cyclone filter TWISTER. This filter is placed on the silo and enters the material without pressure via an ATEX rotary valve in the silo.

Entsorgung über einen Trogkettenförderer
Das mechanische Spänefördersystem VacoFlow®-System ersetzt den pneumatische Materialtransport. Es kann anstelle üblicher Hauptleitungen eingebaut werden und sorgt für erhebliche Leistungs- und Energieeinsparungen und eine geringere Filterbelastung. Da da grobes Material vorab abtransportiert wird gibt keine Ablagerungen in den Rohrleitungen.

Filter tube cleaning

Different chips and dusts require different options for efficient and gentle filter tube cleaning. For some methods,

breaks are necessary (offline cleaning), while others can be performed during plant operation (online cleaning).

Mechanical regeneration (offline cleaning):

Sticking dust and chip particles are knocked out by a quick back and forth movement of the filter tubes. The regeneration mechanism automatically starts with a delay after switching off the extraction.

Pressure surge regeneration (online cleaning):

Above each filter tube row, a compressed air lance is positioned, from where special Venturi compressed air nozzles are mounted above each filter tube. The compressed air lances are laterally firmly connected to a compressed air tank. For the cleaning of the filter tubes, a strong pressure surge is successively pressed through each lance and nozzle. This inflates the filter tube and blows off sticking dusts and chips.

Mobile pressure surge regeneration (online cleaning):

The mobile pressure surge regeneration works like the fixed compressed air cleaning. However, the compressed air tank is mounted flexibly in the housing. So the tank drives each filter tube row individually. As a result, the mobile compressed air tank can also supply several filter elements.

Scavenge air regeneration (online cleaning):

The purging air regeneration consists of a scavenge air carriage, on which four opposite, slightly inclined fans are located. These generate a counterflow of air and blow it through two filter tube rows underneath. Particles are blown out. A scavenge carriage is used with several filter elements.

Fire and explosion protection

Even in the quotation phase of our stationary filter technology, we focus on safety-specific issues, naturally in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards, such as DIN EN 12779 and DGUV 209-045. We always manufacture Schuko extraction systems and filter technology on a customer-specific and individual basis. As one of the few manufacturers, we use, for example, specially manufactured type-tested ATEX non-return valves according to DIN EN 16447. These are installed in the piping and prevent the spread of explosion pressure waves and the flashover of flames from the extraction and filter systems into production areas in the event of an explosion.

We distinguish in the following between measures for fire and explosion protection:

Fire Protection

  • EW90 FILTER HOUSING: Reduction of fire risk due to fire-resistant housing according to fire resistance class EW90 (analogous to fire resistance class F90).
  • DRY EXTINGUISHING LINE: A dry extinguishing line with a standardised coupling is installed at an easily accessible point on the filter. The fire brigade can simply  onnect a fire hose here to extinguish a fire in the filter room via the pre-installed sprinkler system.
  • SMOKE DETECTOR: Sensitive sensors detect smoke and report developing fires at an early stage, this renders the system inoperative.
  • SPARK EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM (OPTIONAL): The system is used for preventive fire and explosion protection. It detects ignition sources in the ducting and eliminates them at an early stage by extinguishing them before they reach the filter system.
  • FIRE PROTECTION FLAP: In the event of fire or explosion it automatically closes the return air ducts, thus preventing the transmission into the factory or workplace.
  • BACKFLOW FLAP: It prevents dust and chip material from flowing back into the ducting and thus serves to prevent an increased risk of fire and explosion due to deposits.
  • FIRE PROTECTION COLLECTION / CONVEYOR SYSTEM CLOSURE: In the event of a fire, it serves to seal off the pipeline if it passes through different fire compartments. The fire can no longer spread through the ducting.

Explosion Protection

  • Two 90-DEGREE DEFLECTIONS: To prevent the explosion pressure from penetrating into the working spaces, two 90° deflections of the return air ducts ensure direct pressure decoupling.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF SURFACES: In the event of an explosion, they ensure controlled and targeted dissipation of the pressure wave and the subsequent flame front.
  • ATEX ROTARY VALVE: The ATEX-certified rotary valve is used to decouple pressure and explosion decoupling, so that the downstream disposal component is also separated from the system.
  • FILTER PRESSURE MONITOR: It is used for permanent monitoring and indication of pressure conditions in the filter system, which may increase, for example, due to heavy contamination, saturation or wear of the filter material.
  • ATEX PIPE CHECK VALVE: It is used for explosion decoupling of the ducting and prevents pressure rebound.
  • ANTISTATIC FILTER MATERIAL: It prevents the formation of dangerous ignition sources, which can be caused by an electrostatic charge or discharge of the  separated dust particles. Particularly important, as the filter is generally subject to ATEX Zone 21.
  • RESIDUAL DUST CONTENT MONITORING: It constantly monitors the dust concentration in the return air. If this deviates from the setpoint (e.g. in the event of filter breakage), the filter system is switched off to prevent unhealthy return air and the risk of explosion.

Please take a look at our brochure about fire and explosion protection!

Other advantages

  • Various needs-based disposal solutions, such as in chip collection barrels, BigBags, Sulo/standard containers, chip injection containers, briquetting press or silo feeding.
  • Four proven solutions for efficient and gentle filter tube cleaning.
  • External filter tubes prevent material bridges and are easy to clean.
  • Available with patented SchukoCone® filter tubes, which provide even more filter area with the same space requirement (especially recommended for the finest dusts).
  • More information about our SchukoCone® filter tubes can be found here.
  • The tested filter material guarantees a clean and safe return air operation.
  • The very large filter area per element ensures a low filter surface load and long service life of the filter tubes.
  • Of course we take into account all fire protection requirements - more about fire and explosion protection
  • More detailed information can be found here.
  • The tested pressure shock resistance of 20,000 PA promises maximum safety in the event of an explosion. We do much more: For special applications, a tested pressure shock resistance of 30,000 PA is possible!
  • The also tested explosion doors with flame front deflectors allow for a safe and targeted pressure relief.
  • Safety limit switches monitor the entire system and shut it down in an emergency.
  • Highest material quality thanks to fully galvanized and hardened housing parts made of steel plate, which is weatherproof and thus very durable.
  • Panels are available for sound and heat insulation, which can also be retrofitted - more about noise protection solutions.
  • Energy-efficient plant operation depends on many factors - more about energy efficiency.
  • The state-of-the-art control technology enables networked and automated plant control.
  • Our symmetrical filter construction with standardized dimensions ensures low transport costs.
  • For quick installation, Validus filter units are available in preassembled condition, saving on-site assembly time.
  • If your machinery changes, Validus filtration systems can be flexibly expanded thanks to the modular system.
  • The easy accessibility of lubrication points and the large maintenance doors with viewing windows reduce maintenance times and maintenance costs.

Installation & scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of your filtration system depends on the individual system size and equipment. As part of the project, all details are clarified and summarized in a specification. The duration of the installation depends on the scope of the system. Individual filter elements can also be ordered pre-assembled, thus considerably reducing the time required for installation.

For the delivery of your new filtration system various on-site precautions must be taken, such as a stable foundation, wall and/or ceiling openings, compressed air connection or the like.

All details are discussed in detail in advance, so that the process runs smoothly.

The delivery is carried out either by ourselves or by long-term forwarding partners.

For the smooth construction, a competent and experienced Schuko installation team is at your disposal. In order to avoid loss of production while we reduce your existing extraction, we are happy to make available rental equipment that will temporarily supply your machinery if necessary. Even the weekend assembly is possible under certain circumstances.


Animation Validus industrial filter as clean air system

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