Overview of paint fog extraction walls from Schuko

Paint mist extraction walls

Spray walls with effective dry separation

FarbMax, SuperMax, FarbMeister and Universa dry paint mist extraction walls are extremely space-saving. These paint systems can be wall-mounted. Their large filter surface areas ensure effective collection of the paint mist. A powerful fan sucks in paint mist and vapours. The extraction performance can be individually adapted. For protecting health and the environment, a high paint particle separation efficiency is ensured via three-stage filtration. The extraction surface area can be increased with extension elements. Drip pans ensure that uncollected paint particles do not collect on the workshop floor.

For your safety flame-retardant VHC cardboard filters exhibiting a paint retention capacity of an additional 50% and ensuring a long life are used in all units. The ease of accessibility makes replacement of the economical filter mats child’s play.

To save heating costs and protect the environment the warm exhaust air can be guided over a heat exchanger which heats up the supplied air again.

(Information on spray walls with wet filtration available upon request.)