FarbMeister & Universa paint mist extraction wall

The variable two-in-one spray wall

  • Professional spray wall with dry separation
  • Large extraction surface of up to 4.0 m
  • Can be extended to Universa with integrated underfloor extraction
  • For selective painting of suspended parts or parts lying on the floor
  • Can be planned with delayed switch-off for flash-off operation
  • Supply air and energy savings solutions available

on this product?

Description FarbMeister

The FarbMeister paint mist extraction wall is the largest spray wall offered by Schuko. With a maximum extraction surface area of 2.29 x 4.14 m (w x h) it can be used with extremely large parts. Suctioned paint mist is filtered through a three-stage separation system.

The FarbMeister can selectively be equipped with a deflector surface consisting of a cardboard filter mat or metal ribs. In the case of the cardboard filter mats the solid particles first hit the cardboard. Paint particles pass through it and are trapped in the retention pockets of these filters, accumulate there and cure. The downstream non-woven fibreglass fine filter reliably filters out the remaining particles.

The metal rib separation version functions by repeated deflection of the airstream by a labyrinth of ribs. This reduces the air speed to such an extent that most of the solids are separated from the airstream. The fine dust filter mat behind the ribs traps the remaining solid particles before the purified exhaust airstream continues on its way to the outside of the building.

An unwinding device with a non-woven filter roll as an additional primary filter is available as a special accessory. Floor drip pans with gratings can be installed to protect the workshop floor from paint accumulation. With a height of 100 mm they should be bevelled on the edges or, alternatively, flush-mounted in the floor.

The purified exhaust air is discharged to outside the building via the exhaust line. A supply air system is indispensable for pressure compensation for a unit of this size. It is positioned to ensure that the supply air supports the extraction action.

A pneumatic energy-saving flap-type valve is available for lowering energy consumption. It ensures that when the spray gun is placed in the holder the airflow is reduced, e.g. for setup work or flash-off operation. When the gun is taken out of the holder the airflow automatically returns to its full capacity.

Description Universa

The special feature of this paint mist extraction wall is that it can be combined with a floor extraction system. The Universa spray wall can be used variably as a wall or a floor extraction system. For varying spraying tasks, e.g. of suspended parts or parts lying on the floor, wall or floor extraction can be selected.

The floor unit is installed at a depth of 500 mm in the workshop floor. This pit depth ensures that the suction acts over the entire area.

Other advantages


  • Large extraction surface area of 7.2 m² (type 20/30) with increase to 9.5 m² possible with extension elements
  • Three-stage filtration of airstream for a clean and healthy environment
  • High-quality VHC cardboard filter mats with 50% more retention capacity for longer use
  • Metal ribs made of robust galvanised steel for wear-free use even with high spray volumes
  • All spray equipment requirements guaranteed to ensure high operational reliability
  • Adjustable flash-off operation via energy-saving air control damper
  • Easy access for fast and simple cardboard filter change
  • Simple assembly instructions for rapid assembly
  • Delivered ready to plug in for immediate use


  • Optional adjustment of wall or underfloor extraction with manual stepless air distribution.
  • Button for selection of wall or floor extraction
  • Flexible spraying of suspended parts or parts lying on the floor
  • Pit with depth of just 500 mm usually made in the floor
  • Suction acts over the entire area
  • The floor pit catches paint to prevent paint accumulation on the workshop floor even with wall extraction

Installation & items delivered

The FarbMeister is disassembled into components supplied on Euro pallets. It can be assembled quickly with the help of the supplied easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The connection socket must be permanently installed outside the hazardous area.

Items delivered:

  • Components for FarbMeister paint mist extraction wall (including assembly materials)
  • Extractor fan, explosion-proof in accordance with VDMA 24 189 Part 1, motor PTB- and ATEX-tested • Deflector surface made from VHC cardboard filter (flame-retardant) or metal ribs
  • Inner filter mat made from non-woven fibreglass and particulate matter filter mat F5
  • Push-in floor filter mats

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