Mobile dedusting units Profi-S & Duplo

The mobile chip extraction system for your workshop

  • low-cost positive-pressure dirty air extraction unit
  • delivered ready to plug in for easy connection
  • wheel-mounted for universal mobile use
  • acoustic enclosure for low noise level
  • easy disposal through discharge to chip bag
  • numerous accessories available

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The Profi-S and Duplo mobile dust collectors are versatile and proven systems for rapid chip extraction. They provide for clean working spaces even in places where permanent installation of extraction systems would be too complicated or impossible due to space restrictions. A Profi-S or Duplo dust collector can be used either as a mobile ‘vacuum cleaner’ with various attachments or permanently connected to a machine (connection nozzle size of 140, 160 or 180 mm).

Extraction is started manually with the push of a button. These units work with positive pressure (dirty air extraction), which makes them unsuitable for extraction of highly explosive dust such as wood, aluminium, asbestos or dust of dust explosion class ST1, ST2 or ST3. Extraction of health-endangering, lung-penetrating substances, gases or fumes cannot be performed with air recirculation. In this case exhaust to outside the building must be set up.

For wood dust use of a tested mobile dust extractor is prescribed.
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The extracted chip-air mixture is cleaned by the top filter sack made from a special anti-static cloth (dust class M). For dust-free disposal the separated particles fall into an easily replaceable sturdy plastic chip collection bag below.

A regeneration mechanism is not provided for these units. It is sufficient to clean this type of unit manually by tapping gently on the filter cloth (with the system at a standstill!) at intervals depending on the intensity of use and the chip volume.

Sample applications:

  • Direct chip extraction for drilling, stamping and planing, e.g. in metalworking.
  • Also suitable for profile milling, cut-off sawing or mitre sawing of plastics.
  • In paper conversion they keep the work environment clean during stamping and label production and by extracting edge strips and residual paper.

Technical data

Type Profi-S II Profi-S III Duplo S 18
Suction nozzle (Ø mm) 140 160 180
Motor power (kW) 1.5 2.2 2.2
Maximum flow rate (m³/h) 1,661 2,170 2,380
Filter surface area (m²) 3.8 3.8 7.5
Filling volume (l) 170 170 340


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