Schuko Unternehmensprojekte


Diese Weiterbildung soll die Führungskräfte der Schuko GmbH qualifizieren, ein zukunftsorientiertes Führungsverständnis herzuleiten und umzusetzen.

Einführung Lean Management

Um unsere Geschäftsprozesse und vor allem unsere Auftragsprozesse weiter zu digitalisieren, führen wir das "Lean Management" ein.
Schuko Bad Laer betrifft das in den Bereichen "Lean Produktion" und "Lean Administration". Dieses Projekt wird mit Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.

Weiterbildung Lean Production

Der Standort Schuko Trebbin erhält eine Weiterbildung zum Thema "Lean Production". Diese Maßnahme wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds und des Landes Brandenburg gefördert. Der Europäische Sozialfonds (ESF) ist Europas wichtigstes Instrument zur Förderung der Beschäftigung. Er fördert die Chancengleichheit auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, unterstützt die Menschen beim Zugang zu besseren Arbeitsplätzen und bei der beruflichen Bildung und Qualifizierung.
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Wow - What a celebration!

On Thursday the 14th of June 2018 our customers, trade- and business partners as well as friends, neighbors and family of the Schuko Company were invited to celebrate the 50th company anniversary of Schuko in Bad Laer. We welcomed our guests with sparkling wine and canapés before it officially started. We were especially pleased to welcome our county commissioner Mr. Michael Lübbersmann. After he has finished his speech and the CEOs Heinz and Heiko Schulte-Südhoff have welcomed the guests, we started with viewing tours through our production. As highlight we had a robot in our production which has played the composition of “Happy Birthday” and “Europahymne” on a piano. Back in the party marquee the band “Lopes Duo” from Hamburg has created great music and best mood. We welcomed at this point the CDU politician Mr. Martin Bäumer. He is member of the Nidersächsischen parliament and told us in his speech the current challenges in politic in terms of air pollution control. With delicious food and drinks we started with the cozy part of the evening and the Lopes Duo has pushed the mood to the top with their music sounds.

Before we started with our 50th company anniversary on Friday, company Schuko supported the so called “Future Forum Air” which took place one day before in Osnabrück. “Several years ago doctors have warned of respirable dust but today the risk has reached a complete new level. Some of the dusts are cell-permeable.” The well-known occupational doctor Mr. Föcking warned against this at the event in the German Federal Foundation for environment (press report EACADES e.V.).

As the main sponsor of this event we were of course eager to receive and feed all the participants there as well, before they went to Bad Laer. We would like to especially highlight Mr. Werner Trentmann. He is scientific assistant of the academy in Osnabrück . Mr. Trentmann was awarded with the Science Award 2018 and received beside the goblet a special surplice from us. An “Ottifanten-painting” under the banner of clean air as well as personal greetings from Otto via video message! Mr. Trentmann did not expect it at all. His joy was huge: “The Science Award is appreciation of my work, which I am very happy about. The surprise at the end was gorgeous.” A successful ending of a great event! (Additional information about the topic:

Friday the 15th of June 2018 was completely dedicated to the employees of Schuko! Yes, you heard right. More than 300 guests from all over Germany inclusive their family’s we were allowed to welcome in Bad Laer. We would like to say thank you to the local hotels. We could manage to accommodate all of our guests in Bad Laer. Thank you very much! We also would like to say thank you to our general managers, because the Friday was a day off for us as employees and we had enough time for the journey to Bad Laer and to prepare for the celebration. The welcome was with coffee and cakes, sparkling wine, small cocktails and canapés. The program of events included child care, stilt walker, Coffeebike, photo bus, Hanna Münch (alias Dr. Karla), Winfried Bornemann and the musicians of the Lopes Duo. The weather conditions during the event were excellent, so that we could celebrate the 50. birthday into the night. The happy mood is still felt today! This celebration definitely goes down in the company history of Schuko!

We have brought you a small present!
We proudly present our anniversary paper in which you can discover a lot of the company history from Schuko of the past 50 years.
PDF-Download anniversary paper Schuko (DE)

Especially we would like to say thank you again to:

  • our supporter of the 400 m² party marquee, with more than 250 seats, the cozy seat lounge and the beautiful outdoor lighting. Thank you company Peters!
  • the catering of the Westerwieder Bauernstuben and Plengemeyer for the delicious food, the delightful varieties of food, great Ice Bar and the curried sausage at midnight.
  • the hardworking service team for the strawberry punch and chocolate smoothie, for every glass of water and for relentless service until to the end!
  • the Lopes Duo and band from Hamburg for the incredible mood!
Schuko employees celebrate 50th company anniversary