Dry paint-fog extraction walls

Dry paint-spray extraction walls

Effective extraction in a space-saving compact design

Optimum working conditions are a prerequisite for a productive workplace. Oversprays which occurs during painting can be present in the air and can cause adverse health effects as we breathe in this air.

A dry paint mist extraction system is the ideal solution to effectively absorb and filter the paint mist from contaminated air. Thus, the legal and regulations from the professional association of work safety and environmental protection are met. With the products:

FarbMax/ColorMax and SuperMax
FarbMeister and Universa

Schuko has developed paint spray extraction walls that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

MiniMax F300


FarbMax ColorMax




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MiniMax F300 - colour mist extraction

The inexpensive and portable colour mist extraction MiniMax F300 offers all the advantages of a stationary system. The two-stage filtration ensures a high level of separation (including fine filter mat Cat M5 according to EN 779). This is a stable and self-supporting structure.

Specifications MiniMax F300
type extraction rate
(kW / V / Hz)
L x W x H (mm)
F300 5,200 1.5 / 400 / 50 1,250 x 820 x 1,460 140

SaugBoy - paint mist extraction

The Schuko paint mist extraction SaugBoy no longer leaves your employees in the haze.

The energy-saving and compact device, specifically developed for painting small parts, efficiently detected captures the dry overspray on both horizontal an vertical levels. Due to its large filter surfaces, optimum separation of the ink particles can be achieved. Due to small external dimensions/measurements and the separable filter, it is able to fit into almost every room.

Large side surfaces which are made ​​of safety glass ensure that there is plenty of light on the parts which will be processed. The cost-effective filter media, pre and fine filters can be replaced with very little effort when required.

Technical Details SaugBoy
type power
protection baffle
LxWxH (mm)
SaugBoy 1.1 EExe,II T3,
PTB Nr. 99ATEX3312
1.0 1,550 x 860 x 1,940 195

FarbMax/ColorMax and SuperMax

The colour dust extraction system FarbMax/ColorMax is just right for small spaces and workshops. In a solid compact design with reduced depth they can be placed in the smallest of spaces. Supplied on a roll, it is always right where you are needed. The easy accessibility of the bulkhead ensures you a fast and easy change of filter mats cost.

The Schuko colour dust extraction system SuperMax is a excellent spray wall that comes at an attractive price. It receives fire retardant cardboard filters DIN 4102-B2. With a detection area of ​​2.29 m x 1.84 m and thanks to their good efficiency, this extraction facility is ideally suited to capture overspray large area. Water troughs with grates and a sloped driveway can be placed before the paint spray mist extraction. Thus, it is possible to create professional and clean conditions in the spray and paint shop.

Technical details FarbMax/ColorMax and SuperMax
  FarbMax/ColorMax SuperMax
Motor revs: 2,860 U/min 3,000 U/min (single-stage)
Protection type: EExe, II, PTB Nr. EX-86/3447 Eexe, II, 2G, PTB Nr. 00ATEX 3215
Power consumption: 1,5 kW 2,0 kW
Voltage: 3 Ph ≈ 400 V, 50 Hz 3 Ph ≈ 400 V, 50 Hz
Air flow rate: 3,600 m³/h (free blowing) 5,500 m³/h (free blowing)
Coverage L x H: 2,000 x 1,000 mm 2,200 x 1,830 mm
Exhaust duct: 300 mm Ø 350 mm Ø
L x W x H:
2,650 x 810 x 1,360 mm 2,650 x 800 x 1,860 mm
Weight: 160 kg 195 kg
Filter mat
(surface area)
2,000 x 1,000 mm
Item No. 517110
2,000 x 1,700 mm
(1 set = 10 lfdm. 1,000 and 700 mm H),
Item No. 519710
Filter mat (internal): 2,000 x 1,250 mm
Paint Stop (1 piece);
Item No. 517120

2,000 x 1,250 mm M5
(1 piece); Item No. 527750
2.000 x 1.250 mm
Paint Stop (1 piece);
Item No. 517120

2,000 x 1,250 mm M5
(1 piece) Item No. 527750

FarbMeister and Universa

The Schuko colour dust extraction FarbMeister is based on dry deposition, the basis of a well-functioning and economic ventilation for all areas where solvent-based surface materials are processed. The mists and vapors are absorbed by a triple-action separator.

The Schuko FarbMeister is very versatile. An under floor extraction system Universa can be easily installed. It is possible to switch suction between the wall and unter floor to ensure excellent ventilation. Through additional under floor extraction, coating is possible in one step.

Technical specifications

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