Recycling and waste disposal facilities

Schuko designs, builds and assembles highly efficient exhaust and filtering systems for the separation of by-products. In cooperation with competent partners, complete sorting systems for waste disposal facilities are created according to customer needs.

Achieve the highest economic effect with innovative Schuko exhaust technology:

  • precise separation of light and heavy materials through air sifting
  • separation of the by-products sorted out through process air in the separator
  • subsequent filtering and cleaning of the contaminated exhaust air

The result is a reduction in energy consumption and an optimal and ideal work climate without health impairments.

High quality of material which is used in our facility components leads to a smooth work flow and high service life. The know-how, that we have accumulated through a lot of years experience and through cooperation with competent partners allows us to create economical facilities with highly effective performance in the recycling and environmental technology.

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