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The fan is the driving force of any extraction system. It is responsible for both performance and operating costs. Schuko radial fans are manufactured in an industrial welding process and are designed for long-term operation. The technical construction is in accordance with the DIN 24166: "Technical conditions of delivery for fans".

These fans are particularly suitable for the pneumatic conveyance of dust and chippings which occur in the wood and plastic industry.

Schuko S Fan

Schuko K Fan

Schuko TSK Fan

Schuko KG Fan

Sound insulated capsule for fans

Fans determine the power effectiveness and cost of a system. The basis for optimum energy use are the Schuko fans impellers with high efficiency.

There are two types of fan impellers:

  • Open impellers   - efficiency = 50 - 62 %
  • Closed impellers - efficiency = 78 - 90 %

System reliability is very important to us. The fans operate through German engines.


Technical information Fans
Type Connection Ø
Power consumption
Air flow
S 120 to 500 1,50 to 37,00 to 21.200
K 250 to 560 7,50 to 37,00 to 26.500
TSK 200 to 300 3,00 to 11,00 to 7.600
KG 300 to 800 22,00 to 110,00 to 54.000

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