Manual extraction system VacoClean

Flexible high-pressure extraction system for connection to hand tools

  • ideal for extraction of dust from hand tools
  • mobile installation in workroom with 3–5 stationary connections
  • hearing-friendly operating noise level
  • easy disposal through discharge to collection tank with PE chip bag
  • extensive accessories with different couplers and fittings available

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The VacoClean hand tool dust collector is a flexible extraction system that is perfect for connecting hand tools or extracting dust from manual workstations. The high pressure of 8000 Pa creates a strong suction in the extraction system for powerful dust extraction from hand tools with their small dust ports.

Each manual workstation is equipped with a permanent extraction socket. This is where the hand tool is connected, e.g. with a flexible hose. Thus, simultaneous operation at multiple points is possible. Opening a shut-off gate valve at the respective extraction point causes extraction to start automatically. With improved noise reduction the system operates at a pleasant noise level.

The extraction system can be set up easily thanks to the positioning system. The VacoClean is then connected to the extraction sockets on the manual workstations via ductwork. Use of conventional industrial vacuum cleaners which can only be used by one person at a time becomes superfluous.

A yellow lamp on the switchgear cabinet of the extraction system indicates when the filters need to be cleaned. Pneumatic / mechanical regeneration is started with the push of a button. The extraction unit should be switched off for this. The long life of the VacoClean’s filter can be attributed to its construction which achieves optimal pre-separation of coarse material.

Installation & items delivered

The VacoClean high-pressure extraction system is delivered preassembled in ready-to-plug-in condition (CEE Europlug type SH / 16 A with phase inverter) with a filter cartridge and two chip bags as well as an integrated switchgear cabinet.

Ductwork and connection accessories can only be arranged following individual planning. They are optionally available.

Technical data

Type VacoClean I VacoClean II
Hand tool connections 3 places 5 places
Maximum flow rate m³/h 1.200 1.620
Total pressure difference Pa 8.000 8.000
Main trunk connection Ø mm 120 120
Extraction connection Ø mm 32, 36, 50 32, 36, 50
Motor kW 3,7 3,7
Sound pressure level dB(A) 70 70
Filtermedium Cartridge Cartridge
Volume of collection tank l 175 175
Dimensions mm 1.500 x 800 x 2.300 1.500 x 800 x 2.300
Compressed air connection quick-connect coupler 4 bis 8 bar 4 bis 8 bar


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