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Safety first!

A mixture of dust and air can explode under certain conditions. When using extraction and filter systems, it is essential to ensure that sufficient safety technology is in place to prevent a dust explosion! If, for example, a spark were to travel through the pipeline, it could quickly trigger a chain reaction and thus the explosion. Spark extinguishing systems are suitable measures to detect a possible spark directly and to extinguish it immediately before it can cause damage.

Jochen Methner, employee of Fargus GreCon GmbH, explained to the firefighters exactly what is important when fighting fires in extraction and filter systems as well as silos - without endangering himself. Afterwards, everyone visited Schuko's production facility and office building and took a look at the installed fire alarm system.

A very informative evening that ended with drinks and Pulled Pork from the "Gasthaus Plengemeyer".

Fire brigade visits Schuko
Fire brigade visits Schuko
Fire brigade visits Schuko Bad Laer