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International flair at Schuko in Trebbin

Even though the visitors came from a wide variety of industries, their enthusiasm for our German extraction technology was clearly noticeable. After Richard Bloch, Export Manager Schuko International, had introduced the company and some products, he guided his guests through the production in Trebbin. The high level of interest and the related questions made the company tour lively and informative. The Tunisians were particularly impressed by our precise technology for the production of Vacomats. Above all, the robot technology used in this process caused great amazement.

Schuko International would like to thank COMMIT Projekt Partners GmbH, whose team is responsible for organizing such programs in Berlin. Their deputy managing director Mr. Viktor Kruschinski said goodbye with great satisfaction. It was certainly not the last visit to Schuko.

We are looking forward to our next visit!

Schuko International welcomes Tunisian guests in Trebbin
Company tour for Tunisian guests at Schuko International in Trebbin
Richard Bloch explains the production technology at Schuko Trebbin