Schuko 5.0

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Discover the new Schuko 5.0!

1968 - 2018 -
We celebrate 50 years Schuko!
Reason enough to put it in a nutshell: there is still room for more!

If you listen to the industry or the media, one thing soon becomes clear: Never before have air quality and cleanliness been so much in the public consciousness as today. The focus is not only on the particulate matter pollution, but also on the air quality in buildings such as factories, schools and public authorities. A topic for which we have been committed for many years - more precisely since 50 years!

Since 1968, clean air has been important to us. A drive through which we have already developed some innovations. This includes, for example, a patented method for filter bag cleaning and the patented SchukoCone® filter bags.

We will not be tired for a long time. Our new slogan "Air up" supports our ambitious way of thinking ahead to create innovations for a clean future.

It's still room for more and it's time for Schuko 5.0!