Bag filters

Bag filters

Schuko dust extractors:
Tailor-made to meet your requirements

The tested Vacomat N-1000 offers many Advantages of a large filter appliance yet in a compact, space-saving an highly efficient small filter. The fan capacity, filter surface and the conveyance system can be adjusted to the respective requirements. The collected dust and wood-chips mixture can be filled into bags, pressed or discharged into containers. The dust separator can, at a later date, be adapted to new requirements. Furthermore it is possible to extend the dust separator to a larger external filter plant.

This series of dust separators - approved of by the German "Holz BG" ensures perfect extraction of dust and wood shavings from wood-working machines and corresponds to the residual dust classification 2. By choosing the Schuko VACOMAT SN, you can be certain that the residual dust concentration of 0.2 mg/m3 of the filtered air (test result < 0.1 mg/m3) will not be exceeded.

The assembly of prefabricated machine parts enables adaptation to different requirements:

  • filter areas - from 18 to 50 m3
  • fan capacities - from 4,710 to 5,800 m3/h
  • negative pressures - from 1,030 bis 3,090 Pa.

Possibilities for the collection and disposal of the chips:

  • chip collecting containers
  • inclined tube screw for the charging in a container
  • briquetting presses
  • conveyor screws
  • transport fans

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