Mobile Dust Extractors Vacomat

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Video mobile dust extractor Vacomat 350 XP

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Vacomaten Cartoon

Mobile Dust Extractors Vacomat

The powerful among the mobile dust extractors

The Vacomat mobile dust extractor series, is ideal for the extraction of chips and dust. Our dust collectors are often used as single or multi-machine suction systems in small and medium-sized companies with air volumes of up to 8,000 m³ / h.

All our mobile dust collectors are tested according to the Wood Professional Cooperative regulations. Furthermore all Vacomats are H3 test certified (residual dust content < 0.1 mg / m³) and have a GS security seal, which allows indoor operation in your workshop. To guarantee optimal filtration results, we use high-quality filter material of the dust class “M”. The high level of filtration allows us to return the air in the workshop. Low energy costs and an environmentally friendly extraction are achieved by our energy-saving and high-efficiency motors "made in Germany".

140/160 XP(e)

180 XP(e)

200 XP(e)

250 XP(e)

300 XP(e)

350 XP (TWIN)


Cleaning processes of our mobile dust extractors

Pneumatic-mechanical cleaning (designation XP)
By means of a patented shaking by "knocking out", compressed air connection required, starts manually as required when the processing machine is off

Electro-mechanical cleaning (designation XPe)
By means of efficient vibrating motor, no compressed air connection required, starts automatically after switching off the processing machine

Compressed air cleaning (optional)
For continuous operation, no suction breaks necessary, especially for fine and special dusts from CFRP, GFRP, gypsum, etc. recommended

Vacomat 250 XP, 300 XP and 350 XP are supplied with an automatic control cabinet: automatic fan start, automatic filter regeneration.

Possibilities of disposal for our mobile dust extractors


tons for disposal with chip-collecting bags

chip container for disposal with a briquetting press

ATEX rotary valve for disposal via conveyor screw in a container or BigBag

Schuko Cone® - Filter bags

Vacomaten 140/160 XP, 140/160 XPe and 180 XP and 180 XPe patented Cone ® Schuko be - filter bags used, a combination of a filter with a außenbeaufschlagten innenbeaufschlagten cone, whereby 60% more filter surface is achieved. Compared to conventional filter bags can be so considerable space in the width and height of the device can be saved.

The filter material consists of an anti-static polyester needle felt material (IFA * tested). This prevents a permanent adhesion of dust on the filters and ensures optimum Absaugergebnisse.Durch the under-built chips collecting tons of replacing the chip collection bags is especially low in dust and easy.

The highlights at a glance:

  • performance from a small entry-level model, to a strong suction center
  • application-specific component selection of the cleaning and disposal variant
  • environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation, also by heat recovery (circulating air principle)
  • energy-saving control properties (PLC control) including volume flow monitoring
  • the control of the Vacomat is user-friendly also via the processing machine possible
  • quiet operation thanks to a soundproof housing
  • highest safety at the workplace by DGUV certification (according to GS HO 07) and pressure-resistant construction (according to DIN 8416)
  • from Vacomat 250 XP incl. automatic fire extinguishing system (powder extinguisher)
  • healthy return air guarantee by tested filter materials
  • maximum filter area through SchukoCone® filter hoses - especially recommended for finest dusts
  • ready for easy delivery and fast on-site assembly
Technical Data of dust extractors Vacomat
Type Connection
Ø mm
Volume flow Air flow rate
at 20 m/s
140/160 XP / XPe 140/160 2,2 1,593 1,450 2,200
180 XP / XPe 180 3,0 2,610 1,832 2,450
200 XP / XPe 200 3,7 2,495 2,260 2,800
250 XP 250 5,5 4,400 3,533 2,750
300 XP 300 7,5 5,950 5,087 2,760
350 XP 350 11 7,950 6,927 3,365
350 XP TWIN 350 2 x 5,5 7,950 6,927 3,365
N-1000 -300 4 - 7,5 3,600 - 6,000 - -
Vacomat N-1000

More about our stationary dust extractor N-1000 can be found here

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